I Walk On Without Hesitation

…to my unknown, own, destination. And the music like syncopation…to explore my own imagination.

Hey guys! In today’s post I will be featuring a good friend of mine *drum rools* Ally Berry! She is one of the few people from my IMVU days that I still talk to and I can always depend on her to come and play dress up with me :D. So, we decided to serve you with some of our Mother Earthy-ness that we’ve been channeling lately. It’s interesting because the more I look at our looks I relate it to a conversation that we had just last night. So, to you readers out there…just remember that life is a journey. Filled with rain, snow, sunshine, snakes and even the occasional earthquakes that comes in and shakes shit all the way up. Always keep your head up and don’t be afraid to look back and see how far you’ve came.

With love,

Michele Stoneshield.

(On me)
Shirt: Imbue.
Shorts: ID. - High Waisted Shorts
Boots: Leverocci - Range Boots
Hair: Dura
Backpack: Mr. Poet
Earrings: Mandala - CharaChara earrings
Bracelet: EarthStones - Tumbled Stones
Tattoo: Aitui
Nails: Leverocci

(On Ally)
Hair: >TRUTH< Aiyana- Java
Skin: Miha* natural hb cocoa - al vulo
Tattoo: Floral Breeze - AITUI
Leg Tattoo: Two Bows [Faded]
Shirt: Patterns Of Spring Top - Wild 2 {mon tissu}
Shorts: denim shorts (rust) - ISON
Boots: Miel Far Boots
Bracelet: RWCxLOVE - [2F]
Piercing: Seppy - [-iPoke-]
Makeup: Night Beauty Eyelashes & Eyeliner - Pink Acid
Necklace: Mercenary Part 2 - .HoD.


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