Greed To Succeed

I have been listening to this song ALL DAY! I love Marina and the Diamonds, so if you haven’t heard of her…go check her out! Especially, since we share the same first name *cough cough*. Today, I am wearing one of the six colors for the U.N.I.T.Y dress from Paperbag! Also, thanks to Bee Hazelnut, I’m rocking my new MESH nails from Leverocci. It’s a crime not to fatpack them. My shoes are the Night Lolita platforms from Lethal Couture…which I absolutely adore!  *sigh* enjoy.

Dress: Paperbag -U.N.I.T.Y
Stockings: League
Shoes: ::LC:: Night Lolita
Hair: Exile - (Modded)
Glasses: [[Shade Throne]]
Necklace: bellballs essentials
Nails: Leverocci

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