Some of them want to use you…

One thing that I’ve learned about virtual worlds is that there are people who are constantly trying to find ways to give themselves relevance…even if it means that it’s at the expense of others. I’ve never been one to stick with one group of people day-in and day-out, so I tend to observe a lot through other people’s experiences. Personally, I don’t care how you live your Secondlife (lol do you boo boo!) this has just always been something that intrigues me, especially when it comes to the “users”. People who are just always looking for that extra “leg-up” in the virtual world and only hitting you up when they “NEED” something haha. *shrug* I never thought Secondlife was THAT crucial haha.

ANYWAYS! That’s enough of my little observation haha. I’m super proud of this look todayyy because I captured it while playing around with my windlight settings and graphics. Absolutely no editing/enhances have been made.

‘Tis all. ❤

Hair: Damselfly
Shirt: Tres Blah – Tank Dress
Pants: >>LETHAL<<
Shoes: Anexx
Watch: [DDL]
Ring: Pididdle
Clutch: Vive9
Necklaces: Whippet & Buck 

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