Jus’ Let It Go

Jus’ let it go is a line out of Party btw! Lol This post is sorta kind of dedicated to People Outfitters the designers of PO are so talented and creative. This is one of those stores that I’m like “Well dang…they’re just starting out and their products are bomb I wonder what how much better they’re going to get with time”. The shorts I’m wearing is apart of a hunt they are doing at their store I think they are really cute and truthfully I wouldn’t mind seeing these shorts made into a skirt because they’re just hot I love the whole tribal native pattern winter wear Lmao, but I’m just really excited to see what else they make! Anyway onto the rest of the outfit since I’ve been MIA I haven’t had the chance to load up and shop so for now I really have just been pairing things up with previous purchases. Another thing I’ve noticed is that blogs besides mine are coming to a halt and seems like stores are too because besides People Outfitters I haven’t been introduced to any new stores or many new products that makes me just want to go on a spree…but besides my complaining here is the outfit :] enjoy!

Outfit Details:

 Skin: LAQ ~ Alva [Peach]        Dimples/Freckles: L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Dimples + Freckles]

 Hair: [BURLEY]_Noel

Shirt: /REMY/-CroppedSweater-Onyx    Bottoms: (PO) Clifton Sweater Shorts in Multi HUNT GIFT

Shoes: Peqe – G Wedge

Necklace: ~ imbue. horsey necklace   Belt: *COCO*_WideWaistBelt   Earrings: [bellballs] Cresent Earrings

Also from People Outfitters are these cute new booties they are awesome! They have spikes ;]


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