Zooby Update!

Finally!  Zooby’s update…it is awesome! Now Zooby babies grow and you really have to take care of them if you want them to grow! This means you will have to spend a little more L$ than usual to take care of your child. Everything thats needed can be purchased from zooby but warning everyone Zoobyville is crazy I could barely move while I was there but I was able to get in to buy my babies needed supplies and furniture that I didn’t have. I think they priced the food really well but the high chairs are about L$800 which blew my husbands mind -shrugs..we still bought it ;]. Another thing I noticed about the update the new baby you receive when doing the update is longer/bigger than the newborn before. Meaning my newborn now looks like he should be able to walk lol! BUT I’m still loving the update and I’m looking forward to teach my son and see him grow up.

A few things you’ll buy with an updated Zooby Baby:

  • Crib
  • Changing Table ; Diapers
  • Tub ; Baby Wash
  • High Chair ; Baby food
  • Bottles
  • Baby brain boosters

All of these items can be purchased from Zooby!


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