Still the One I Need

Hello everyone! This outfit…I have been struggling for the past few days trying to decide what should I post because I missed blogging real life has just been busy! So I thought I would throw some stuff together,  but I do have a few things that I want to point out which are the earrings from BarCode, the metallic studs from bellballs, and the scarf from Mon Tissu. I love BarCode earrings they are creative as I’ve said before and the colors just fit so perfectly and I these earrings might just be my favorite yet! The metallic studs are group gifts from bellballs that I ultimately love because most of what I wear if any at all are stud earrings. Finally the old scarf from Mon tissu! I haven’t ever been able to match this up in an outfit for some reason but I’m loving it! Well let me not talk and talk here is the outfit!

Outfit Details:
Skin: the body co. Iris

Shirt: C’est Moi! my jeans blouse
Bottoms: .: vive9 :. Vinyl & Leather Pants
Shoes: ANEXX_AnkleLaceupBoots

Bag: (Milk Motion) My patchwork leather bag (not sure if still available)
Earrings: [bellballs] Hammered Metal Stud’s Subscriber Gift Pack
Earrings: [BarCode]- Metal Cross Earrings
Scarf: {mon tissu} Infinity Scarf


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