█│║▌║│BarCode █│║▌║│

Hellooo everyone well todays blog is these two new earrings from BarCode they are unique and pretty! There are more but these are my favorite and I look forward to matching them up with an outfit. She has also released cuffs, watches, headbands, necklaces, and purses. Some even fitted for guys :]! It’s so great to have someone being different and new because to me I’m tired of seeing the same earrings in second life the same kind of necklaces the same stuff just a different maker. So it is very refreshing to have new creators on the rise! I’m looking forward to seeing more from BarCode but onto some details!

Outfit Details:
Skin: the body co. Iris
Shirt: .: Vive9 :.Cropped Bustier Mache
Earrings: [BarCode]- (Shooting Dust Earrings) NEW!
[BarCode]- (Space Dangles Earrings) NEW!


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