Hello! Well I went kayaking with a couple of my friends and along the way we had some epic fails such as me going under water :[ but I had fun! Any who :] I noticed something and I talked to Michele about this too and its a good thing! I guess -scratches head- me and her have totally different styles she seems more girly? I guess would be good but you can just look at our post we’re opposites but that’s cool beans just gives us a better mix of things. Any who this outfit is so cute this tank from Beetlebones is the first mesh shirt that I’ve just fallen in love with I love it and I think I’d love to see a lot more mesh with SENSIBLE SIZES [because I’m small like really small and some of the mesh clothes I’ve tried I’ve had to wear the largest size] any who with this tank I wore the XS size! Which makes a lot more sense to me anyway onto the picture and outfit details:

Outfit Details:

Skin: the body co. Iris

Shirt: ::BB:: Loose Pocket Tank Sheer  WHITE  [NEWISH!]
Bottoms: .:Vive9:. Wiast Highs Shorts – Acid Wash
Shoes: Happy summer Boots white/cream  *Tea Time*

Pugs: Nox. Chromatic Plugs [Black]
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks  * ColorSet 2
Bag:[Sleepy Eddy] Denim tote bag 04
Hat: /CS/ snapback Hornets


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