Side-line, you’ll be a main one day.

Hey ya’ll! Lately loads of my friends have been having issues in their relationships which is where the title of this post comes from. I just don’t get why other people (men are NOT excluded) settle for being a “Side-line hoe”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it’s basically like the saying the OTHER woman/man. Anyways, I honestly believe that everyone….EVERYONE deserves to genuinely be loved. So, to all of those “side-lines” out there…it’s time to start getting what you deserve! You will be the main bitch one-day, but until then stop letting others exploit/use you. ♥

Enough of my rant! On to the look:

This post features more of the Boltz earrings from [BarCode]! I truly love how these look in world, they have this amazing glow about them and look so cute on my screen! Also, there has been a load of new releases so go check them out here on marketplace. These shoes are from [Gos] and actual come with the options that change the color (in this pack its either black or white) and even add a strap. The skirt which I bought ages ago from ][AV][ (I’m assuming it hasn’t closed) has not crotch (haha) so def. wear something under it. I took the easy way out and just edited over it, so it does look different worn inworld.


Hair: [e] – Rush
Lips: R.icielli – Lipsticks 01
           Tuli – Parted Lips
Shirt: Madeleine – neato pullover
Skirt: ][AV][skirt jeans highwaist
Shoes: [Gos] – Platform Pumps – White/Black
Nails: [Mandala]
Earrings: [Barcode] – Boltz Earrings
Glasses: Reek – Junior Shades

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