Wow wow – Its Gettin’ Heavy

OhMiGawd! Lol Hello everyone I’m like hyped for this post because there’s just something I freakin’ loveee about it. Either its the crazy looking hair from Cheerno, these HAWT earrings from BarCode, or this super bad sweater from Emery. Like I’m overall loving it but I did change-up my skin to my Pink Fuel Elly just cause its a lighter than my The Body Co. skin there for the bright lipstick and colors go better together and stuff :]. I really like bright stuff because it’s so loud, creative, and just creates a personality of its own. The Cheerno hair is so crazy my husband said “Babe, what is on your head?” BUT its cute isn’t it like this just shows just because the hairs are generally made for guys doesn’t mean ladies can’t wear it 10x better :0. Also I like adore Emerys new line it’s so pretty the oversized cardigan being my favorite tho! Anyway lets dance on into the post:

Skin: [PF] Elly <Chai>
Hair: [CheerNo] Hair DIAS / Blonds

Sweater: Emery – Oversize Cardigan Carmin [Pearl] NEW
Shirt:(TokiD) Plain lazy top (white)
Bottoms:-iCandy- Mini Jean Skirt
Shoes: [LeLutka]-K.I.A.-RosyBrown

Earrings: [BarCode]- (Opps Hoops)
Necklace: [bellballs] Folded Shades Necklace- Zeebra Printed


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