The Big Big Bang

Hey ya’ll! I am sooo proud to say that we have been getting loads of traffic here at Simply She-eek! Almost 100 views per day! Def. blows my mind and I just want to take this time to say thank you (the viewers) for checking out our blog. It feels good to know that all of our hard work isn’t going unnoticed ♥. So with that being said…stayed tuned for more of me and Ria’s posts!! Until then subscribe/follow and comment ^_^

Soooo…with that being said on to my outfit! The earrings that I’m wearing are new releases from [BarCode] and are available in various colors from black to lime green. Also available on the marketplace is the eye make-up that I’m wearing. It can be found in the .:Bombard:. store (on marketplace) only with loads of other face-paints and goodies. Click the image to see the bigger version ;]. As always, enjoy the post. Ciao ♥


Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* – Morrisania Black Pearl

Shirt: Paper.doll – Paintball-Chic: Saturated

Pants: Vive9 – Desert Shortst

Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s

Earrings: [Barcode] Boltz Earrings Purp

Nails: [Mandala]

Make-up: Bombard Pris Eyeshadow Tattoo box


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