The Real is On The Rise

Hellooooo all :] I’m so happy because Simply She-eek is almost to 1000 visitors so I want to thank you all for taking time to check out the blog and for you wonderful 5 that subscribe we appreciate you all very much! We love feed back and we’re now kinda looking to blog store items so if you have a store would like us to blog something we’d love too. Any who todays outfit I would say its kind of edgy and I’ve been falling in love with mohawk style hairs! And also I’m in luhlove with Emerys new bunch of clothes :] Oot [rockin’ the shirt]. ALSO I’ve been wearing these super awesome creative earrings from BarCode they are so pretty and Chic I can’t get enough of them and she has made other accessories such as watches and headbands Oot! Now! Its timeee to  check out the outfit:


[PF] Elly <Chai>
Hair : [BURLEY]_Carlo_LightBlondes

Shirt : Emery – Sweater Vico [Black] Newish!
Shorts : /REMY/-ThrashCutOff Shorts-Blanca
Socks: Doppelganger Inc. – Knocked Up Knee Socks
Shoes :  [Docs V2] 8 Hole – F – BLACK

Bag: (Milk Motion)My satchel *dark grey*
Necklace : ~ imbue. horsey necklace GOLD
Earrings: [BarCode]-(Structure Earrings – Black&Gold)

Make sure you check out Emery & BarCode!


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