In the Zone

Since I got lazy my wonderful husband agreed to be my blog post victim [thank you babe]. I love his style he always dresses differently than most dudes I see on second life [what lady doesn’t like a guy who can dress] but his style is different and I love it. Also if you haven’t noticed this is the first male blog post on simply she-eek and I really hope that we have more coming for guys! I really want you all to enjoy this post please subscribe :] comment etc. We’d love to hear from you.. now onto the details:

On Him:
Hair : booN GUN111 hair  ( chocolate )

Jacket : ARAI – Leather Jacket ( brown )
Shirt : Nanuk Kent Tee ( brown )
Pants : R E M O R S E  Trimmed “Denim” Slim Jeans ( black )
Shoes :  [ hoorenbeek ] Loose Military Boots ( brown )

Shades : [[SHADE THRONE]] THE WOW sunglasses ( black )
Scarf : Adjunct – Fall Colors Snood Scarf
Necklace : 2LAG Jesus Chain / multicolor
Belt : Hermony Rock n’ Rolla Belt ( Rusty )

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