*Sigh* The past week was pure torture, school definitely has been kicking my *** lately <.< . Sad things is…my classes aren’t THAT hard, I’m just a horrible procrastinator. SMH at my self-inflicted hardships.  Anyways, *ends rant* lately I’ve been randomly scrolling through my inventory and discovering loads of things that I forgot I had. Something that I re-discovered was a folder of darker toned skins that I had gotten in a past “Good Shit Hunt”. They were gorgeous skins with even more gorgeous makes-ups. I especially loved this Glam Affair skin’s gold eye-shadow paired with a pale pink lip.

While on the subject of hunts, this scarf was a gift from Zeery, who is participating in Rue D’Antibes’ sim wide “Red Seal Hunt”. If I’m not mistaken, the hunt ends on Oct. 4th so ya’ll still have ample time to go scoop up some goodies! Zeery also has various gifts throughout their store (non-hunt items) that are marked down to only 6L!

But yea, it’s 3:00 AM so I’m going to hit the sheets. If you need any more info. about the outfit, feel free to ask in a comment or send me a notecard inworld. Enjoy♥


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