Heading to Nowhere

Helloooo everyone well I entered a photo contest and I loved the outfit I used in it so I thought BLOG IT durh! I love it I mixed and matched a lot I took fringe from my Remy shorts and added them to my Vive9 shorts and if you haven’t noticed I guess I’m stuck on socks right now :] anywho I hope you all love the outfit as much as I did and by the way the hair is modded to fit the hat in the picture!

On Me:
Skin: The Body Co. Iris
Hat:*ordinary design* twintale knit cap m-004rd
Hair:[kik] hair-Tilda(black-dark) [modded to fit hat]

Shirt: ISON – tied denim shirt (old wash)
Bottoms: -.: vive9 :. Desert Shorts in Chocolate
Fringe on shorts from: /REMY/-TheFringe Shorts
Socks: Doppelganger Inc. – Knocked Up Knee Socks Nude/Blue/Grey
Shoes: MiLOS HuGs – Grey [comes in sculpty and mesh!!]

Pouch?:[BUKKA]LeatherBag [ ::welcome gift::]


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