Meshin’ It

Well when mesh came out the first thing that I came across were mesh avatars (thanks to Issy) I thought they were too exciting and cute. In this post I am assisted by my friend Issy [Alien/bug, Piggy,Dino], and we have mad fun when we wear these! The thing that everyone talked about with the mesh is that it sticks to your body aka it moves where you move and doesn’t stick out your limbs like sculpts Lmao. We go to different places disrupting the peace and dance normally ending in being ejected but on the bad side of mesh you can only see it if your viewer updated and have mesh enabled if not mesh will look like big circles & boxes. Anyway onto the pictures ;]


Mesh Avatars from: Bytegang worlds [these were bought on marketplace]

Mesh Animal Avatars (piggy,teddy,dino) from: Stray Pig (brought inworld)

Mesh Faceless Hero Avatar from: ::Creative Lab.. (brought on marketplace)

These were also very CHEAP and Stray Pig has a few of their mesh avatars up for free on Lucky Letter boards! Make sure you check out these stores and pick up a few funny mesh avatars and disturb the peace for once in your sL life!

ALSO the next post I’ll be doing will most likely be on Mesh clothing that I’ve collected so far (they’re so cute) but Bye for now!


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