Uh..Sorry for the Wait?

So this past month has been like the worst…first I had to send my computer back to HP just about three times making me miss my whole Secondlife pregnancy experience (why not just continue? I don’t want to be fat forever :/) And then recently my net was out making me miss the actual birthing for the Secondlife pregnancy but on the good note I’ve gone shopping [Yay & Shizzzz] Anyway this post is basically just what I wore today ;] its cute simple I just think it’s so adorable I’d wear it real life [probably would not cut my hair tho!] Also I’ve always liked The Body Co. skins but I didn’t think they wouldn’t look nice on me just because they are so detailed but Iris did look nice and I love it! Well here is the post:

the body co. Iris

[ glow ] studio The Bitterness II Earrings
Reek – Cricket Hat
Mstyle Deer Necklace – Gold

*L.inc* Tyra Lowrise Jeans Skinny Bleached Blue
*COCO*_Thong Sandal_Natural
(TokiD) aztec cardi (grandma made)
(TokiD) Plain lazy top (white)


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